Runner’s Log 7/19

Today’s thoughts while running/walking:
*Ugh…why do I keep doing this?
*I hope these shorts don’t give me a muffin top.
*Mmmmm…an Otis Spunkmeyer banana nut muffin sounds really good.
*I wonder what Wisconsin would think if it knew I don’t really care about the Packers nor do I like SunDrop. (Almost immediately I tripped on a rock and a skunk crossed the path ahead of me – guess that answered that question.)
*I hate this hill. If hills had personalities I’m pretty sure this one would be an a-hole.
*Today, I think I’d like a piggyback ride home from Captain America.
*(Teenage boy started running ahead of me) I could run fast too if I had legs like a giraffe and not a hobbit.
*It’s like a race between Legolas and Frodo.
*It would be cool to be an elf but hobbits get second breakfast, elvenses, luncheon, dinner, supper…
*Aaaand the question to why run is answered yet again. 🙄
(The a-hole hill ⬇️. Yes, I stopped to take a pic. It was either that or vomiting on the road.)


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