Runner’s log 7/21: Really didn’t intend to run today…

Runner’s log 7/21
(Really didn’t intend to run today…)
*(Checks phone) Oh, look…it’s 75% humidity.
*Who’s crazy enough to run in this humidity? (Raises hand and points at self).
*Mosquitos and crickets are all “You’re on your own, Blondie.”
*(Bumblebee flies by) I’d rather be kicking it at the hive but the Queen is a royal B. (I totally laugh at my own joke – for like a mile.)
*(Running by an area that a skunk came out of last time. Decide to clap my hands and make a lot of noise – think Parent Trap. Unfortunately, there are people in their front yard.) I shout , “I’m not crazy! Just trying to scare off skunks!” (I scared off skunks and proved my own lunacy just like that…)
*(Mile 3) Why am I doing this today?
*Butt pipes in, “Coca-cola.”
Thighs shout, “French fries!”
Stomach calls out, “Donut…”
Me, “Oh yeah…”
*(Sweat dripping everywhere…super sexy) Why didn’t I at least run on the treadmill?
*(Looks at gorgeous sky) Question answered.


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