Runner’s log 7/24 (Sunday is rest day so I took a nice leisurely stroll)

Runner’s log 7/24
(Sunday is rest day so I took a nice leisurely stroll)
*Who named the dragonfly a dragonfly? It doesn’t look like a dragon. I could totally slay a legion of dragonflies. Oooooo…my name could be the Dragonfly Slayer.
*If I could be an animal, I’d choose to be a kangaroo. I already have what I call my kangaroo pouch (souvenir from a c-section). I have wimpy arms but I think I could build up my legs to be able to take someone out with one jump kick. My catchphrase would be “You just got “rooed”
*It’s so nice to not wear headphones and listen to the birds and crickets and things.
*You ever notice how in movies when everything outside gets quiet – no birds or insects – something bad happens?
*Is it just me or did EVERYTHING just STOP making noise? (Kicks it up to a VERY brisk walk)
*Nevermind…a beetle just flew in my hair…it’s all good. 🙄
*(Walking past a cornfield) The sound of rustling stalks totally creep me out. Major flashbacks of “Children of the Corn”.
“He wants you too, Malachi!” (Ok…I totally ran past that cornfield)
*(I spy a “Watch Children” sign) Why “Watch Children”? What children should I watch? My children? Someone else’s? Is it a warning that the Watch children are around? Like maybe they are some weird twisted kids who scout out unsuspecting runners and walkers and bring them back to their shack in the woods?
I don’t watch scary movies…what the heck is my deal?
*There’s a pebble in my shoe.
*Why did the kung fu student have to wait until he snatched the pebble from the master’s hand before he could go? I mean, after a few years, wouldn’t he have been skilled enough to take the master out?
*Hmmm…I’m already home. I guess doing 5 miles makes 2.5 kinda easy.
*Dragonfly Slayer “rooed” this walk 👟



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