Runner’s Log 7/25: I hate mornings

Runner’s Log 7/25:
*I hate mornings
*Why is it so hot already?
*At least it’s not as humid. I can sip my air instead of swim through it.
*The only thing that would make it worse would be wearing black. Only an idiot would do that. (Look down and remember I’m wearing black running leggings)
*What I wouldn’t give for a breeze
*(Breeze kicks up) Sweet Star Lord! Thank you Mother Nature.
*Running down A-Hole Hill is like that scene from A Man from Snowy River. (I’m Jim not the horse.)
*What I wouldn’t give for some water
(Dog pees in yard ahead of me – not exactly what I meant…)
*Why can’t they make a good sports bra – duct tape secure not bouncing around like a stupid sing-a-long ball? (Can I put this here without offending anyone? Guess we’ll see…)
*(Doubled back to run UP A-Hole Hill and got halfway up…) Why did I think this was a good idea?
A-Hole Hill: It’s good for strength and stamina. Plus, your butt will thank you.
Me: Yeah, well my butt can kiss my…nevermind.

(Watch this clip so you know how it feels to run down A-Hole Hill. Start at :32)



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