Runner’s Log 7/26 (Walk/Run/Walk…)

Runner’s Log 7/26
*Shoot! I forgot my FitBit. Do I go back to get it? Are steps not recorded on FitBit really even worth it?
*Wait! I’ve got the app on my phone. All is well. The world can continue on. #firstworldproblems
*Is there ever going to be a point where I like this because this still royally sucks.
*I’m going to make the world’s first wedgie free workout gear and call it “No Pick”, or “Happy Cheeks”…still working on it. (If such a thing already exists, don’t burst my bubble.)
*When am I going to see some results here?
*I guess I’m down from 3 spare tires to 1 1/2. Like it would’ve killed my body just to take the rest of that half.
*Newsflash: my body is a jerk.
*To the dude in the van with the handicapped license plate that read “Maniac”: you’re awesome.
*Only made it halfway up A-Hole Hill and had to walk.
*I swear this hill gets steeper and longer every time.
*I feel like a cartoon character running in place and not getting anywhere – but not as cool looking.
*My body is all “You can’t do this”, “You should stop”, “You’re too old and jiggly”.
*I’m all “I’ll show you”, “I’m gonna do this over and over until I rock that hill”.
*Wait. Did I just get reverse psychologied?
*Told you my body was a jerk.


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