Runner’s Log 7/27: This again. Blech.

Runner’s Log 7/27
*This again. Blech.
*Why am I doing this when I could be in bed with a very handsome man? (Yes, I’m talking about Jake. 🙄)
*Ouch! Cramp!
*Who decided to call it a Charlie Horse? I swear it had to be two idiots goofing around horses, playing Blue Darts (or something equally idiotic) and one of them got bit in the leg (his name was probably Charlie), associated that pain with a cramp he’d had before, and the rest is history.
*Sweating buckets is not just a figurative saying. I could’ve filled a couple of buckets by this point. #sexy
*Um…the weatherman said no rain until 11:00. Whatcha doing over there REALLY DARK clouds?
*Today is the day I’m going to run all the way up A-Hole Hill.
*Holy crap! Where did this wind come from?
*If hills could flip us off, I’m pretty sure that’s what’s happening right now. Aaaannnd now some rain for good measure.
*Oh my gosh. I’m almost there. Almost there.
*Why are there sparkles in my vision? Pretty.
*Am I hyperventilating?
*Hey. The world is tilting a bit to the right. Maybe I should stop. (Only got to the half-way mark of the guardrail and had to stop – so stinking close to the top.)
* (Walk the rest of hill to the top) Are you kidding me? The wind just totally stopped.
*Yep. Hill was totally flipping me off.
*Setting a goal: I will be eating better from here on out. I will not bow to temptation. (In the next mile, I passed an empty Cheetos bag, a Whatchamacalit wrapper, and an empty case of Coca-Cola – all my favorites.)
*I’m beginning to think the Universe is out to get me – or is using me for its entertainment.


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