Runner’s Log 7/29: Ugh

Runner’s Log 7/29
*Nope. Still don’t like this.
*I’ve discovered a new form of torture. Run with a mosquito bite on the top of one foot and behind the ankle on the other. It’s a suffering like you’ve never known.
*Oh look! They’ve put funhouse mirrors on Main Street stores. Never mind. Just my reflection.
*Cool! A quarter. (Pick it up because, hey, free quarter)
*(Take two steps) Nice! A nickel. (Sorry to the dude who must’ve dropped his change but totally hoping for a five or a ten here.)
*Do they make Spanx running gear? (Seriously…)
*I think the only way I’ll ever feel the fabled “Runner’s High” is if I ate a whole pan of special brownies beforehand.
*I don’t get a runner’s high just a runner’s bye…cuz that’s where my energy goes – bye bye.
*(Coming up to A-Hole Hill) You’ve freaking got to be kidding me. Where the heck did this wind come from?! Again.
*S’all right.
*I’ve got this.
*Keep going.
*You’re doing it.
*You’re doing it.
*Why are you slowing down?
*Is it just me or did the hill just incline to a straight up brick wall?
*Wind doesn’t blow; it sucks – all of your life force.
Did I make it all the way to the top of A-Hole Hill today? See pics below for today’s answer (Yes. That was my running shirt today).


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