Runner’s Log 7/31 (Rest day walk)

Runner’s Log 7/31
(Rest day walk)
*I think the only reason cranes (bird) exist is because God had to meet a quota for birds and was one short. He said, “Take the flamingo, squish it, change it to brown, and make it sound like that irritating screech markers make on a poster when they stutter, then call it good.”
*You know, forests are all appealing and inviting, “Come and see what wonders we have. What glories there are to behold.” Then you walk in and it’s all darkness and bugs and animals and poison ivy – something bad at every turn. Kinda like Satan…or Donald Trump.
*Why the heck is the wildlife so loud tonight?! So much for the quiet of the country. It’s like the crickets are having a family reunion and the birds are having a flockin’ retreat.
*How on earth did that huge apple tree end up in the middle of all those pine trees?
*(See a bird poop – for like a minute!- right next to it.) Ok. I guess that’s one way a seed could be planted there. I’m suddenly reevaluating the wisdom of eating wild raspberries and blackberries.
*(There’s a sign on the forest edge – “Quality Deer Management Area”) Is that like the reindeer boot camp Rudolph got kicked out of? I’m envisioning a big ol buck with a whistle and a Packer’s hat like, “Sorry son. That prancing has to be a bit higher and when there’s a car coming at you, you’re supposed to stand there and stare at those lights. It’s the only way to stop it. If they hit you, you’re screwed. You can test again in three weeks.”
*Am I the only who has serious concerns about my brain?


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