Runner’s Log 8/2 : Why do we have high energy and metabolism while we’re young?

Runner’s Log 8/2
*Why do we have high energy and metabolism while we’re young? Was there no way to spread that out a bit? I’d like to be able to run a few miles without feeling like…well…like I’ve run a few miles.
*Those wildflowers are so pretty.
*What is that smell?
*Oh. That’s the flowers. Did God run out of flower fragrances but had extra vials of “Eau de Cat Pee” so grabbed that and thought, “No one will notice”?
*My elbow is wet. Why is my elbow wet?
*Is that…can’t be…what the? I am sweating from the INSIDE of my elbow. Freaking. Dripping. Elbow. Sweat. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!
*All I know is that if I start leaking sweat out of my knee caps, I’m done!
*Everyone talks about thigh gap – when you’re so skinny your thighs don’t touch. I’ve got thigh clap – you know…where they smack against each other and applaud you. When I run, it’s like I’ve got my very own cheering section. Go me.
*From my ankle up my calf to my knee, everything is tightened. Keeps throbbing. Reminds me of back labor.
*I would call it calf labor but I try not to compare myself with the bovine persuasion.
*Question of the day: If Becky can walk a 14 min mile (sometimes less), why is she killing herself to run a 12 min mile? – Sincerely, Becky’s right knee, calf (the one in labor), and foot.


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