Runner’s Log 8/5: Dear Becky

Runner’s Log 8/5
Dear Becky,

In light of recent events, we are going on strike. We will not allow you to run anymore until our demands are met.

Knees would like some sort of brace – preferably one with sparkles or pretty designs. Shins say you need new shoes – once you wear through the first layer of sole, it’s time. Feet just want a pedicure. Chipped polish and sandpaper heels are so…we were going to say last season but they’ve NEVER been fashionable. (It has no bearing on running but, seriously, do something.) Stomach says crunches and sit-ups are okay but the Pilates 100 is asking too much. Ears would like headphones that don’t feel like railroad spikes are being shoved through to meet in the middle.

Until these demands are met, your running experience will be painful and your times will be pitiful (well, more than usual).
Your Body

*I speed walked 2.5 in 34:39. Take that body. 😜


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