Runner’s Log 8/7 (Rest day walk – body still on strike anyway…)

Runner’s Log 8/7
(Rest day walk – body still on strike anyway…)
*For tonight’s playlist I choose…Handel’s Messiah
*I wonder if Handel then was like Five Finger Death Punch today.
*Did he have groupies? Roadies?
*What did they throw on stage for Handel? Handkerchiefs? Powdered wigs? Wooden teeth?
*Who was the first one to discover which berries were poisonous? There was probably some stupid royal position as the official Poison Discoverist. He essentially ate different foods until finding one that was poisonous, would either get sick or die. I’m guessing the position had a high turnover rate.
*How can grass grow through concrete and my body couldn’t even beat gravity and make it to 5’3″?
*I’ve decided why running works better. When running, fat jiggles and waggles and shakes until it finally says, “I’m done with this crap” and leaves your body. You don’t get that with walking.
*Dang it. Guess this means I will be running again as soon as I get some new shoes.


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