Runner’s Log 8/8

Runner’s Log 8/8

(Only a mile of running on account of my knee being such a wussy…)
*I think smoking came about when cavemen accidentally got too close to the fire with a rolled up mammoth-jerky-herbal concoction. The end lit, cave dude took a drag, and there you go.
*That means their brand of choice was Mammoths not Camels! (Totally laughed at this one…sorry.)
*Me: I’m super tired and don’t want or need to do this anymore.
Body: Need I remind you of what you look like naked?
Me: I’m going. I’m going. Gah! You’re such a jerk.
*Olympians train from the time they are toddlers in hopes of winning the gold and breaking records. The only record I want to break is the most naps in one day or the most sarcastic comments. I think I’ve already done the latter.
*When you get all poetic about the morning dew, ask yourself this: isn’t it basically Mother Nature’s drool from the night before?
*Stupid bug crawling down my wrist.
*You have got to be kidding me. That’s not a bug. Sweat just DRIPPED FROM MY WRIST! Granted it was from underneath my FitBit but still.
*Why does getting in shape have to be so gross?


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