Running Log 8/9: IhatethisIhatethisIhatethisIhatethis…..

Running Log 8/9
*My super-athletic-gorgeous-in-shape-15-year-old is running with me. Please don’t let her make me look too bad. (Besides the obvious she-bounces-with-muscle and I-jiggle-with-who-the-heck-knows fact.)
*Running is like passing a kidney stone. You don’t want to do it but it’s necessary for your body to get better. There will be tears, sweat, some blood, and probably a bit of pee. You won’t feel the best right away but after awhile, things are better.
*Sweat is my body crying: Please don’t do this to me! I’ll be better. I won’t eat donuts (as much). Just please…make…it…stop.
*Compression brace, thank you for taking care of my knee but do you have to make my leg look like links of sausage?
*(Mile 2 daughter is running in front of me) Sigh. I remember when my body looked that good.
*Who am I kidding? I never looked that good. My idea of athletics was seeing how many books I could stack and carry from the library.
*(Mile 3) Please God. Please let me beat me daughter…
*(Mile 3.5) I don’t care if I have to hurl at the mailbox I have to beat her. (Kick up running speed…pretty sure I look like foal standing for the first time.)
*(4.10 miles) I totally won! Sure, she stared three minutes after I did and ran a quarter mile more but I’m pitiful enough to call this a win for old haggard moms everywhere.

Today’s lesson: don’t run with your teenager unless you have a head start…and there are tripping opportunities nearby…ruts in the road…tree in the way…your foot “accidentally” popping out when they pass…


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