Runner’s Log 8/11 …and it’s raining

Runner’s Log 8/11
*…and it’s raining
*I don’t mind getting rained on but iPhone gets a little testy about water.
*Whoever invented the treadmill was either a genius or pure evil. Yes, it allows us to exercise, but I’m pretty it’s modeled after a hamster wheel.
*Things I have in common with a hamster: short, chubby, like to eat and sleep, attention span is short enough to run on a belt/wheel.
*Guess that makes the treadmill inventor a genius…
*Do they make a donut flavored protein shake?
*Wait! How about a protein donut without the weird protein flavor/powder, and with maple frosting? (So…basically a donut…crap…)
*Not to be whiny or anything but I don’t think running is working. The sheer volume of sweat my body has released in the past weeks should have at least amounted to a 100 pound weight loss.
*I stopped running and my first thought was, “Shoot. I only did three miles.”
*I don’t even know myself anymore.
*Please. Someone send help…and make sure they bring donuts…


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