Runner’s Log 8/12: Truffle Shuffle

Runner’s Log 8/12
*New shoes! You’re so pretty…and so PURPLE! Asics💜
*If TempurPedic and Minola Blaniks had a baby that baby would be my shoes. (Ya know…cuz they’re so comfy and fab!)
*(Mile 1.5) Knees: This is great! It doesn’t feel like the kneecap is gonna pop off. Just needed shoes that actually had a barrier between us and the road. Who knew?
*(Mile 2ish) Knees: Um, Becky. Feet are still kinda pissed about the whole wearing-shoes-longer-than-you-should’ve thing. Right foot says it’s time to walk.
*Passing through a heavily dense and dark wooded area while listening to Rob Zombie is not the smartest thing.
*Don’t be a chicken. Those weird shufflings in the woods aren’t a sign of anything, right?
*What’s that on the road? Oh, just the key chain of death…THAT may be a sign.
*Knees: Right foot says, “Run!”
*What is all over my forehead? Bugs. I have dead bugs on my forehead. I am the human equivalent of a windshield.
*It occurs to me that while running, I’m doing the Truffle Shuffle without even trying.
*That’s talent.

⬇️My fab shoes. Whaddya think, Lorraine?
And the fearsome key chain of death. ⬇️💀


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