Runner’s Log 8/16: I eat; therefore, I run.

Runner’s Log 8/16
*I want to eat dinner that includes garlic bread. 4 miles here I come.
*Kinesiology tape on knee and right foot wrapped.
*Kinesiology – pronounced “ka” + “sneeze” – “s” + “ology”. (I totally still keep the “s” on while saying it.)
*(Half mile in) Right foot: Get this freaking tape off me or I’m swinging back and kicking your butt.
*Apparently being tied up is not my foot’s thing. (Hey, if it’s your thing, no judgement from me.)
*(Usually walk first mile) Whoa. FitBit app said I just walked mile 1 in 13:20 and I even stopped, took off my shoe, took off my wrap, and had to put my sock and shoe back on.
*Again I question my need to run. Though I envision my speed walk stride more spastic-klutzy- cartoon-character than graceful-speedy-gazelle.
*Crickets are the equivalent to men. They both excel at emitting loud sounds from their hind parts FREQUENTLY and expect females to find some kind of happiness and/or appeal out of it.
*FitBit said I just ran mile 2 and 3 at a 11:14 pace. That’s right. I run because I can’t wait for it all TO BE OVER.
*Those are the HUGEST spider webs/nests I’ve ever seen. (See photo below) I feel like either Frodo is gonna come running through with Sting or Harry and Ron and going to come stumbling out of the woods.
*If Aragog comes hobbling out, I would hope Ron would be with me. Don’t have to outrun the spider just have to outrun the slowest person. I could totally take Ron.
*Had better times tonight than I have in awhile.
*Either kasneezeology tape is magic or my foot likes being tied up more than it likes to admit.

That is a full sized tree, my friends. I didn’t look close enough to see what the mass inside was. *Shudders*


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