Runner’s Log 8/18: Not feeling it

Runner’s Log 8/18
*I’m really not feeling it this morning.
*On a scale of 1-10 my desire to run is somewhere between rather-scratch-my-eyes-out and scrub-the-toilet-with-my-own-toothbrush.
*I wish I were a solar panel. That way when the sun hit me I’d be full of power.
*Unfortunately for me, sun seems to be my kryptonite. It drains my energy as well as expels massive quantities of sweat.
*It would seem vampires and I share some qualities: nocturnal, aversion to the sun, pasty white skin, ability to control other’s minds…just kidding about the last one. (Or am I?😏)
*What the heck is Premium Gunite? (Just passed a sign) Is that like an Australian turn down service? You get a once over on your house to make sure all is safe and then get told “Gunite” (said in best Austrailian accent).
*If this is a real thing, can I have Chris Hemsworth be my Premium Gunite? Because, really, who is going to mess with me – bad dreams or breaking into my house – knowing Thor is my homey.
*Oh! Can I get that on a tshirt? “Thor is my homey?
*Wait…how about “I kick Asgard”?
*Note to self: when home, start a tshirt company.
*Can I do it? I “Thor” can. I won’t make it a big deal. Let’s keep it “Loki”. Will just take a while to “hammer” out the details.
*Yep. The sun has finally fried my brain.


I actually did make a couple of Thor shirts:


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