Runner’s Log 8/19

Runner’s Log 8/19:
*I immediately regret this decision. (I get you, Ron Burgundy. I get you.)
*Kasneezeology tape has made a believer out of me. Knee and foot taped up. Thumbs up from both camps.
*Unforeseen issue: all other parts of the body are feeling left out and want kasneezeology tape too.
*If at some point you pass a runner who resembles a mummy, no, it’s not me celebrating Halloween early. It’s just me trying pacify my appendages.
*Hey Emily, did Thor happen to show up as your Premium Gunite? He didn’t show up here and there are some very familiar markings slashed in the road by my house. Perhaps Wolverine and Thor got directions wrong switched. (See photo below.)
*If the average pulse rate is 75-80 and my pulse when running is 160-170, does that mean I’m running for two. AND if that is the case, does that mean I can eat for two?

Seriously though, what the heck would slash marks like that into the road?


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