Runner’s Log 8/21

Runner’s Log 8/21
(Rest Day Walk)
*If I don’t smile and wave at people, I hope they don’t think I’m stuck up. I’m mainly just trying not to trip.
*Why are there wood chips all over the road?
*Why do they smell like a Chinese food restaurant dumpster…at the end of the week…with record breaking high temps?
*Actually, it almost smells like someone tried to Febreeze the heck out of a manure pile.
*The worst sound in the world? The cracking of branches and rustling of leaves when you’re walking past a densely covered wooded area.
*(For about a mile I spoke out loud in hopes of scaring off creatures.) Ok my friends. Do us all a favor and let me pass.
*(Lots of rustling) Please, please, please DO NOT COME OUT.
*I’m not very friendly and I’m no fun.
*(Very loud cracking branches) If you’re a bear, there are deer in the field half a mile back. If you’re a skunk, I already smell bad enough. No need to share. If you are a bunny or a deer, would please stop scaring the heck out of me?
*It’s 8:00 p.m. and there’s already no light left. That makes me have a sad.
*Winter is coming…😳 (Not the GOT kind but bad enough.)


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