Runner’s Log 8/23

Runner’s Log 8/23:
*Here I go again on my own🎶🎶🎶
*I think the real reason woodpeckers bang their heads against trees has nothing to do with inherent nature. They do it because, like us, they have kids, a job, annoying people in their lives, and sometimes the only thing you can do is bang your head against something, then move on.
*If you wave and I don’t recognize you, it’s because I don’t really remember much about what your car looks like. I mean, I lose mine in the Walmart parking lot. Every. Single. Time.
*They say if you keep running, it will get easier. I’ve been running on and off for about four years so any minute now…
*To the deer who bolted out of the trees RIGHT NEXT TO ME, thank you for not knocking me down on your way across the road. Also, thank you for making me realize three very important things:
-My heart is strong and recovers quickly from massive fright.
-I have great reflexes – was able to screech to a VERY immediate halt.
-Apparently, I have more bladder control than I thought.
*If only they made a version of Coke but with no calories, sugar, artificial colors and flavors.
*Oh yeah. They do. It’s called water. 😕


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