Runner’s Log 8/24: “I run so I don’t kill people”

Runner’s Log 8/24
*I think I understand the joke, “I run so I don’t kill people”. It’s not because it’s a technique to help anger management but that fact that it beats you to physical exhaustion.
*Hocking a loogie must be built into a guy’s DNA. When I try it, I’m like one of those sporadic sprinklers – tta…tta…tttttoooooophhht!
*How many calories for bugs? Pretty sure at least 5 have flown into my mouth. Gonna be ticked if I met my caloric goal by ingesting gnats.
*Who am I kidding? I’m totally eating my pumpkin yogurt. It’s better than ice cream. Yep, I said it.
*I totally have a six pack. It’s just being protected under a layer of padding.
*Gonna make it up Big-Fat-Jerkface-Hill tonight. (A-Hole Hill’s not-as-steep brother)
*Everyone calls this the dump hill because there used to be a community dump or something.
*After running up Big-Fat-Jerkface Hill, I know why they call it the dump hill. I feel like poo when I run up it.
*To the dude who ran/walked the Olympic marathon, I’m sorry you had chronic diarrhea starting at like mile five and that then you started to leak blood somehow, but I want to thank you for reminding me why I have absolutely NO desire to run a marathon.


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