Runner’s Log 8/28 (Rest Day walk)

Runner’s Log 8/28
(Rest Day walk)
*I wonder whatever happened to the Key Chain of Death?
*I feel like the Key Chain of Death is the equivalent of the Brady Bunch Tiki.
*Some poor soul has picked it up and now is going to have bad luck until they take it back to a volcano or something.
*I wonder if Don Ho is around here somewhere.
*What if we have it all wrong and crickets are actually speaking in Morse code and have been trying to communicate with us all these years?
*”We want to work together to build a better world. We want to bring Peace. And bring pizza.” (That last part may have been my request…)
*I may have misjudged my remaining daylight time. It’s dark and I think that may have been a bat.
*Do bats react to the color red the same as bulls do? (Looks down at red shirt)
*I’m going to turn on my phone flashlight. That should keep me safe…
*That is the weirdest look crack in the road…(the next minute was filled with scared girly sounds and awkward-spastic jumping because…)
*Holy freaking….that’s a snake…AND IT’S ALLIIIIIIIIVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
*This last half mile will most likely be the quickest I’ve ever gone but nothing else can go wrong, right?
*Aaaaaaaannnnndddddd I almost squished a big ol’ fat toad with my shoe. So glad I missed it. It would’ve made me so sad to have to burn my shoes.

*It may not have been the biggest snake (in reality – only about the size of both my feet) but it was moving.
Combine that with the dark and that equals a snake of anaconda-like proportions.


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