Runner’s Log 10/16/2016: Rest Day Walk

Runner’s Log 10/16
Rest Day Walk
(This is for those of you who have been asking. I’m still running and have a journal full of stuff just no time to share.)
•Pizza + pasta + soda + brisk walk = vomit territory (What a great start…)
•Apparently in October in Wisconsin once the sun goes down, it gets cold. Who knew?
•Only an idiot wouldn’t bring a jacket. (Pulls arms into short sleeves. Totally T-Rexing it.)
•Corn fields are always scary but they’re scarier when they are all dried and devoid of color. Especially so, when the sun has gone down and there’s very little light.
•The stalks are moving.
•Something is walking towards me through the corn.
•Do I run? Yell?
•Stupid freaking deer!!!!
•I may have uttered a few unsavory words.
•Don’t worry. They’re in the Bible so I should be ok.



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