Runner’s Log 10/18/2016

Runner’s Log 10/18
•For as much entertainment I’m sure I’m providing God, I feel like I should betting paid more.
•Roadkill tally: 2 deer, 5 snakes, 1 cat 😢, 2 massive dragonflies, 1 KFC chicken breast….yeah…that last one grossed me out the most too.
•My running times aren’t the best but I’m not in a race so I’m good.
•Well, I am in a race but it’s just to see what will shrink faster: butt, hips, thighs, or stomach.
•It’s getting colder and that makes me panic.
•Remind me again why people think it’s beautiful around here in fall and winter.
(Looks around and sees the autumn leaves on the trees…)
•Well played, Wisconsin. Well played.

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