Runner’s Log 11/10/2016

Runner’s Log 11/10:
*I stand corrected. Skunk smell is not the worst smell in the world. Manure spread on every stinking (pun intended) field around me is.
*You know you have achieved good supportive undergarments when your chest moves as a solid mass when you run and not like a basket full of puppies. (Can I say that?)
*Apparently there is a root beer called “Best Damn Root Beer”. (Pop can found on the side of the road) I feel like the marketing department just gave up and said, “If we label it, they will drink.” Actually, it’s kind of genius, because I plan to buy some the next time I’m in town. I have to know the truth! P.S. STOP LITTERING!!!!
*What is with all these itty bitty twigs all over the road? (Takes the next few minutes to kick each one out of the way.)
*Um…that twig didn’t move as much as smush to the tip of my shoe. Is that…ack…poop?! What kind of creature leaves small twig sizes droppings?!
*Lessons learned: Don’t kick sticks. Grass works really well as natural cleaner. I’ve never been so happy to know that I have Clorox Bleach Wipes at home.
root beer

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