The Foot Diaries: Day 2

The Foot Diaries
Day 2
👣 There may be fifty shades of grey but my toe and foot have AT LEAST 70 shades of blue…and some purple…maybe a bit of black.
👣 All my beautiful stilettos and boots were hurt when they realized I wouldn’t be wearing them for a couple of months.
👣 Well I guess the old adage is true: time wounds all heels.
👣 I think I need to start wrapping my foot in bubble wrap. I stubbed my toes three times today. There may have been some tears shed and incoherent profanities exclaimed.
👣 I should’ve known what kind of day it was going to be when I got out of bed and accidentally put too much pressure on my fractured side.
👣 I guess you could say I started out on the wrong foot.
stubbed toe

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