The Foot Diaries: Day 10

The Foot Diaries
Day 10
👣 It’s been 10 days since I started wearing the boot but 15 since I mangled my foot.
👣 I miss my shoes. Still can’t wear a regular one without pain. Should’ve seen my footwear choice last Sunday. They were both black but not in the same shoe category.
👣 It was like Nurse Betty and Betty Boop were walking together.
👣 I never thought I’d ever say this, but I really want to go out and run.
👣 A weight gain of a few pounds on a regular person is like a metric ton on a short person. (Psst…I’m the short person in this scenario.)
👣 Where can I buy some REALLY good black leggings? Ones that will slim, trim, and basically make me look awesome?
👣 I’m probably looking more along the lines of a plastic surgeon or a wizard. I wonder what Hermoine is up to?
muffin top

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