Runner’s Log: The Walking Chronicles 2/12

Runner’s Log: The Walking Chronicles
•Eight weeks since my shoes have hit the pavement. Here goes nothing.
•Still have to tape my foot. Why do they call it “Buddy Taping”? The poor second toe is stuck to my big toe. I feel it’s more like “Time-Out Taping”. You know…like a time out shirt when siblings don’t want to be next to each other but their parents force forgiveness.
•No one tell my crazy-marathon-running-sister but I miss running.
•It’s not that I like running, I TOTALLY don’t, but I’m super impatient. Running gets the exercising done faster.
•Why do I always forget Kleenexes? My nose is running.
•If my shirt resembles the color and texture of a Kleenex, it’s free game, right?
•We are told to listen to our bodies. Last night I heard one thigh say to the other: “We have to stop meeting like this.” That was my cue.toe nails

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