Runner’s Log: The Walking Chronicles 2/13

Runner’s Log: The Walking Chronicles
~Benefit of winter outdoor exercise: no bear, snakes, or skunks…oh my.
~For the four of you who honked at me while I was running, the doctor didn’t say I couldn’t run yet just that it would be to my best benefit if I waited another month or so, and really, when have I ever done what was good for me?
~I only ran a little bit…downhill…and then a little bit more.
~Shin Splints should be called Shin Splits because it feels like your shin is going to split right open. Kind of like an Alien moment.
~My phone died a half mile before I made it home. Got too cold. Apparently, it’s a warm climate lover too.
~Why does my right big toe hurt now? Big ol’ whiner wanting attention.
~I think I’ll straight-jacket-tape it to the next toe and see how it likes it.
~I really hate the saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”
~What if it makes you stronger so it has more of a fight before it kills you, hmmm?
~It would better, then, to be a wimpy sissy.
~Be a wimpy sissy. Well, at least I can say I accomplished something today.
~As for everything else, well…
no idea.jpg

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