Runner’s Log: The Walking Chronicles 2/20

Runner’s Log: The Walking Chronicles
•Me: I HATE mornings and exercising.
•Also me: I think I’ll put in my walk/run this morning.
•Yesterday I was wearing sandals. This morning I have a base layer on, wool socks, long sleeve shirt, yoga pants, heavy sweatshirt, beanie, neck gator, and gloves. And I’m still cold.
•It thawed enough outside that I’m running in sand and slush and all the fields are throwing off a lovely smell of manure. Yeah.
•My dream of being on Broadway has been dashed. They spend 8-10 hours a day practicing/dancing/singing/working out. After an hour of exercising, I’m really cranky – enough to hurt someone but without enough energy to follow through. #RealityBites
•I feel like Wisconsin is confused. First we get warm temps and sunshine and now we’re supposed to get snow this weekend.
•I think Wisconsin wants to be Arizona but doesn’t know how.
•Need more proof? Look at the photo. What are these plants? It’s like Wisconsin’s version of cactus.
wi cactus

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