Runner’s Log: Birthday Edition

Runner’s Log: Birthday Edition
🎂 I think all miles ran and calories burned should automatically be tripled on birthdays.
🎂 For my birthday, I wished for a FitBit Blaze, to lose 10 pounds, a nap, warmth, sunshine, and world peace.
🎂 It’s soooo cold out here. Stupid wind.
🎂 Aaaaaand now my nose is running.
🎂 FYI – snot wipes don’t show up on black sleeves. You’re welcome.
🎂 FYI Part Two – be sure to keep snot wiping on one sleeve and mouth wiping on the other. Do not mix. Just trust me on this one.
🎂Why is there an assortment of 20+ unopened Taco Bell sauce packets scattered on the side of the road?
🎂 Was there a conflict? “Dang it, Carol! You know how I feel about prepackaged condiments. Either ditch them or take a hike.”
🎂 Good news: I was able to run 2 of my 4 miles.
🎂 Bad news: My big toe may have disconnected after mile two and is currently flapping around in my shoe.
🎂 Batting 0 with the birthday wishes but the hubs surprised me with a birthday lunch, I was serenaded in Spanish (not by Jake), force fed whipped cream (again, not by Jake 😕), went for a run in freezing wind (butt is still frozen), and Tracy brought me tulips, so I guess you could say the day was a win.
*Totally not lying about the Taco Bell packets.

taco bell packets


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