Runner’s Log 3/31: Why do I have to do this?

Runner’s Log
👟 I’m so cold. Why do I have to do this?
👟 Conscience: Two words – maple donuts.
👟 Ok, beer drinkers, no offense but y’all are litter bugs. I swear the bulk of garbage on the side of the road is beer cans and bottles.
👟 There’s one can, two…three…whoa, that’s a vodka bottle – a VERY large glass vodka bottle.
👟 Crap. I forgot to wrap my toes.
👟 How long does it take for a toenail to grow back? Currently, my toe looks like a baby erumpent (See Fantastic Beasts).
👟 I suppose that’s only fitting considering that unclothed I resemble a murtlap. (Again, see Fantastic Beasts).
👟 Beer can tally is at 35. Hard liquor bottles – 5.
👟 I’m starting to second guess this route.
👟 And that is a prescription pill bottle with a sprinkling of pills surrounding it, but the lid is on. Pretty sure I don’t want to know that story.
👟 Beer can tally – 48. Hard liquor – 6.
👟 If I find a syringe, I’m calling someone to pick me up.
👟 3.7 miles and done. Beer can tally – 68. Hard liquor bottles – 7. And one bottle of prescription pills.
👟 I may be a little traumatized now. Pretty sure I deserve a maple donut.

Didn’t get close enough to see the name on the bottle. Somethings are better left unknown. 👇🏻

pill bottle


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