Runner’s Log 4/6/2017: Ode To Under Armour

Runner’s Log 4/6/2017

Ode to Under Armour (Written on this morning’s run)

👟 Your headband keeps the sweat from my head from running on my face.

👟 Your sports bra helps to keep all the, ahem, important things in place.

👟 Your ColdGear keeps me nice and warm in Wisconsin’s bitter cold.

👟 I think you’re one of the very best if I may be so bold.

👟 However, I feel I should tell you you’re not the only brand in my running gear.

👟 But one should share good things to say because compliments are always nice to hear.

👟 So with that in mind I thank you for giving me my basics.

👟 Just please help me out and don’t let all of this get back to my Asics. (They’re the jealous sort…)


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