Runner’s Log: Rest Day Walk 

Runner’s Log: Rest Day Walk


👟 Shoot. Forgot my headphones.

👟 I did remember my head wrap to cover my ears. They’re kinda sissies. (Like the rest of me.) Can’t handle the wind.

👟 The cows in the field next to me have followed me, like the entire herd, for the length of their pasture. Do they see me as their leader? I don’t know how I feel about that.

👟 Green grass all over the place! This is NOT drill, people. That makes me so happy.

👟 The sun is casting my shadow on the hill next to me. Is that really what I look like from the side? If so, how much would a tummy tuck run me?

👟 Ok. I just Googled it and the average tuck costs about $8k. Nevermind. I can buy a lot for that much. (And by a lot I mean donuts which pretty much is the root of the problem…)

T👟 Either I just stepped over the biggest worm ever or snakes are already roaming. #springproblems

👟 I do have to say I had the best soundtrack playing throughout my walk and I didn’t even need my headphones. Though birds are such diva snobs. Apparently, they don’t like to be recorded. The frogs were loud and proud. Click the link to listen…




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