Runner’s Log: Spit Happens

Runner’s Log 5/29/2017

👟 First time running outside since being attacked by the scourge of mosquitos. The treadmill is getting boring.

👟 I showered in bug spray, so hopefully things go a bit better this time around. (I also kissed a horseshoe, crossed my fingers, wished on a fallen eyelash, and said a prayer. One can never be too cautious.)

👟  Good news! It’s windy, so that should keep the bugs away.

👟 Never mind. Apparently, black gnats and Mayflies (I think that’s what they were) like the wind.

👟  Reminder #1 – don’t mouth breathe when there are bugs flying around.

👟 Reminder #2 – don’t spit against the wind. I know this one should be obvious, but I have the tendency to forget common sense things while trying to expunge insects from mouth and teeth.


👟 How many grams of protein do you suppose black gnats count for?

👟 Reminder #3 – don’t pick out a wedgie until AFTER you’ve looked to see if anyone is around. Side note: sorry, person weeding your garden. I didn’t see you there.

👟  Hmmm…it just got windier and darker. Those clouds look a little bit ominous…and oddly familiar.

👟  “The Nothing is coming!” That’s what they look like. (What movie is that from? Answer it correctly and we can be friends forever. Answer incorrectly and you’re on friendship probation.)

FullSizeRender (4)

👟  This wind is ridiculous. I feel like Al Roker during that hurricane where the camera dude had to hold onto his legs to keep him from flying away.

👟 I made it home safe and bite-free. However, my bug spray shower (and possibly help from the combination of the horseshoe, crossed fingers, eyelash, and prayer) turned me into a human version of a bug zapper.

FullSizeRender (6)

👟  I suppose the gleaming white of my legs acted as a tractor beam. Don’t be jealous. You know you wish you glowed in the dark too.



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