Runner’s Log: All Guts, No Glory.

Runner’s Log 6/7/2017

👟  Me two years ago, “I’m going run so I can be healthy and lose weight.”

👟 Me now, ” Well, I’ve already eaten half the bag of animal crackers, I might as well finish it off.”

👟 You don’t know fear until the moment when you’re 1.5 miles from home, surrounded by forest, and you smell skunk VERY strongly.

👟 Dear Mr. Chipmunk,

I’m so very sorry for almost stepping on you and then almost kicking you. You ran out in front of me and I thought you were a skunk – a very tiny chipmunk-looking skunk.



👟 Oh. Would you look at that. It’s the return of elbow-crease-sweat.

👟 To the couple from Iowa who happened to drive by while I was dance/running to “It Takes Two” by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock, the evening’s entertainment was on me. You’re welcome. P.S. Now, whenever I hear that song, Ryan Reynolds’s rendition is floating in the background. Name that movie.

👟 I am now running through a fog of dandelion fluff. I can practically hear my allergies say, “Party tonight! We’re not stopping until the all air flow is plugged and eyes have reached full-itchyness capacity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

👟 Finally out of the fluffy fog. Deep inhale for some air. Nevermind. Not out of it yet as I am currently choking on dandelion fluff.

👟 You know what’s worse than choking on dandelion fluff? Coughing, sucking in air, inhaling a bug, and having another bug smash itself on your face. I immediately thought, “Well, he won’t have the guts to do that again.” And then I laughed the rest of the way home.



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