Let’s start at the very beginning…

This whole thing started after I complained to my doctor that nothing was working to help me lose weight. She suggested a keep a journal about what I was trying and what my results were. She also suggested to keep track of the “self-talk” I use when exercising.

I kept track of whatever crossed my mind and subjected all of my friends on Facebook to my “self-talk”. I figured if I was going down, I might as well take everyone with me.


After numerous requests to put all of my posts in one place, I decided to create a blog.

You’re welcome.

If you’re new and haven’t read any of my Runner’s Logs, enter at your own risk. These pages include all of the original Facebook posts and will continue on with the new ones as I write them. Life is busy so I’m trying to keep it to at least one a week.

Just a heads up. There is a noticeable gap in posts. I broke my toe in December 2016 and couldn’t do much until February 2017. My body liked that break so much it rewarded me with extra padding. Yeah…..

P.S. I still hate running but, dang it, it does a body good.